Neuschwander Nursery LLC


Neuschwander Nursery is nested in Oregon's fertile, northern Willamette Valley. The Neuschwander family has been stewards of their propery for over 100 years. Indeed, the family has a keen sense about the legacy the land has over the course of generations, so for this reason alone, they have a vested interest to till and tend the soil in a sustainable manner, enabling future generations to enjoy the satisfying relationship of farmer and earth. Thus today the Neuschwander family continues to provide strong, healthy, vibrant, unique plants for use and enhancement in their customer;s landscapes.

There is a great deal of time spent on sustainable practices, whether in energy conservation, pollution prevention, or waste reduction, these practices are always in the forefront of all employees at Neuschwander's Nursery. All varieties of plants found at Neuschwander's Nursery are great sources for wildlife havitats as well as acting as carbon emission sponges. Neuschwander's Nursery is constantly striving for the harmonious balance of taking away from the Earth no more than we give back. The greate PAcific Northwest is the most positive contributor for Neuschwander's Nursery attaining its conservation goal.

The Neuschwander owned lands worked and made viable for three generations. Raymon Neuschwander, his family, and crew has run every aspect of the daily workflow of the Nursery from the office to the field. We look forward to working with you!